Black Lives Matter: A Book List

Whether you watch the news or not, whether you spend a lot of time online or not, you’ve all heard about the way-too-many victims of police brutality and shootings and the protests that have followed.

I don’t claim to have the answers.  But, it is clear that there is a pattern of violence and systemic racism and we all have a part to play in its solution.  One of the simplest things  you can do right now is educate yourself.  I’ve put together a very short list of fiction and non-fiction books that pertain to race relations, racial profiling, and racism in the justice system.

I urge you to read a few (or all) of them and seek out others.  I also urge you to talk about your experiences with racism and to listen respectfully and honestly to those of others.  The world is sometimes horrible and scary, but I truly believe that it doesn’t have to be that way.  We can change it.

Black Lives Matter
By Sue Bradford Edwards
YA 363.232 EDW

No Choirboy: Murder, Violence, and Teenagers on Death Row
By Susan Kuklin
YA 364.66 KUK

Racial Profiling and Discrimination : Your Legal Rights
By Corinne Grinapol
YA 363.23 GRI

All-American Boys
By Jason Reynolds

How It Went Down
By Kekla Magoon

by Walter Dean Myers

X: A Novel
By Ilyasah Shabazz, Kekla Magoon

Favorite YouTube Musician: Andrew Huang

So the other day I recently rediscovered one of my favorite YouTube stars: Andrew Huang. He’s a musical genius! I got stuck in a YouTube loop watching his videos and watch about 50 in a row before I realized. He does lots of interesting song challenges such as playing the song 99 Red Balloons using actual red balloons!

My two favorite songs by him are some of his earlier ones:

This one has also been used on the Flufflepuff channel, so if it sounds familiar, that may be why! (and also how I discovered him in the first place!)

Reflections on Harry Potter Mania

For one magical day, the Potterverse took over the Vortex.  The day started off with a trip to the dungeons for a Potions lesson with Professor Snape’s assistant, Kathy.  Our new witches and wizards used ingredients like dragon scales, black lake water, powdered mandrake root, and the ever-popular troll bogeys to create several different serums and putties.



The dauntless youths then apparated to the Great Hall to be sorted into Houses.  The Sorting Hat told them which House table to find so that they could partake in a fantastical repast full of edible cauldrons, golden snitches, every flavor beans, and more!




Fountaindale’s resident digital wizards taught the new Hogwarts students how to apparate all over the world by using the extremely useful Green Screen Incantation.

Harry Potter

IMG_0491 copy


Many of the magicians used McGonagall’s transfiguration teachings to change little hunks of plastic into all many of things, limited only by the imagination! Others chose to spend their time boggling through illusion to find words and cross words.




The teens answered trivia questions and they must have been using their Divination lessons.  There’s no way they could have just known all those answers!    We also played Harry Potter Bingo.  Four lucky witches and wizards were able to holler “Mischief Managed!” and win books (everyone’s favorite magical accessory).



What a truly marvelous day!




Pokemon Go!

Have you downloaded Pokemon Go on your phone yet? It’s available on iOS and Android!

It’s an app that you can download onto your phone and works off of your phone’s GPS to tell where you’re at! As you’re walking around your neighborhood and parks you will encounter Pokemon “in the real world” that you can catch! Once you are level 5, you can choose an alliance and challenge gyms for prestige and experience!

Everyone though, please stay safe! Don’t go into construction zones and other unsafe areas looking for Pokemon, please!!

The Fountaindale Public Library is a Pokemon Gym! As of writing this post, it seems as if we are a Team Valor gym! (You can tell by the color of the Pokemon logo; Red is Valor, Blue is Mystic, and Yellow is Instinct) Help defend us, or challenge us!


However, are you like me and only recently downloaded the game? Do you not really understand how to find, catch, and level your Pokemon? I’m only level 4 so no gym challenging for me until one more level! (I swear this game is the first thing in a long while that’s gotten me to willingly take walks)

If you are new, or even if you’re not, check the links below to gain some valuable insight on how to get the most out of Pokemon Go!

Getting Pikachu Pikachu as a Starter

Leveling, Evolving, and other Tips

Tracking Pokemon

How to Choose Which Team to Join

Go out and catch them all!~



Swords in the Library!

Sword fighting!


You’ve seen it in movies.  It’s just swinging around a sword while trying to not get skewered yourself, right?

Ummm, no.  It’s a little harder than that.

Join us on Saturday, July 30th as Bob Charron of St. Martin’s Academy demonstrates his mad Historical European Martial Arts skillz!

Broadswords!  Longswords!  Rapiers!  Daggers!  Bob and crew will demonstrate various weapons and techniques from 2:00 to 3:00pm.


Those especially brave souls who wish to can stay for the second half from 3:00 to 4:00pm to learn some moves themselves!  That’s right!  You can learn fencing at the library!  How amazingly cool is that?

You can check out Bob and St. Martin’s Academy here.

And you can register for the program here.  (Please note, the program is for teens and adults.)


See you there!