Out-of-this-World Coloring Contest: June 17–July 15

We’re celebrating 2019’s Summer Adventure: Read to the Moon with a Out-of-this-World Coloring Contest! Teens in grades 6–12 are invited to pick up an entry form and a coloring sheet in the Vortex for a chance to win a $25 Target gift card.

The contest runs from June 17 through July 15. You are welcome to work on your entry while in the library or take it home to finish. Please note, completed entries must be submitted to the Vortex by 8:30 p.m. on Monday, July 15.

Out of this World Coloring Contest.png

Let’s see those coloring skills, everyone! May the best and most creative colorist win!  

YouTube Music

Is it annoying switching apps all the time when you want to listen to music on YouTube and music you already have on your device?


They’ve finally released a YouTube Music app for Android and iPhone specifically for when you’re using the site to listen to music. It can also load up the music you have downloaded onto your phone as well!

They make it super easy to switch between the YouTube Music library and your own predownloaded music with a simple tap of your finger.

Just tap on “Home” for YouTube content, and “Library” for your own personal content! It’s that easy!

My favorite part of the app is that you can go for “audio only” when listening to a video so it will save you a heckin’ amount of data! It’s mostly what I use YouTube for these days, so it’s super convenient!

The only downside I’ve encountered so far when listening to your downloaded files is there is no “shuffle all” button. You can shuffle individual artists or albums, but not all songs in your entire library. Google Music lets you do that, so maybe they’ll eventually add that feature? I hope so!

Despite its downsides, it’s still a pretty neat app so give it a try today! (If you haven’t already!)

Book Recommendation: The Princess and the Fangirl


If you’ve read the first book in the ‘Once Upon a Con’ series, Geekerella, you may know that The Princess and the Fangirl is the second book in the series by author Ashley Poston.

For those who need the extra details, its lexile score is 780.

This time, the book focuses on two girls; Imogen Lovelace, a fan of the character Princess Amara and intent on trying to prevent the character from being killed off. And then there’s Jessica Stone, the actress who plays Princess Amara in the new Starfield movies who’s trying to move on to bigger and better roles.

Now while the two have absolutely nothing in common, and are on opposite ends of the ‘Princess Amara getting axed’ spectrum, the two look almost identical to one another.

So during ExcelsiCon, a gigantic convention for all things nerdy and geeky, the two get involved in a case of mistaken identity and eventually decide to swap places; Jess helping Imogen’s friend run their booth, and Imogen helping Jess with panels and signings. However, when the two find out that the script for the Starfield sequel has been leaked, they must team up to find out who leaked the script, and try and clear Jess’ name as the assumed leaker.

If you’re a fan of fairy tale spin-offs, you may want to give the series a try, especially since they go down a nerdier route and bring conventions into the equation. I loved that they included a f/f relationship, and if you’re not into that kind of thing, then don’t force yourself to read the book. Things may seem like they’re going a bit fast, but please note, that this story is supposed to be during the time frame of ExcelsiCon (aka like, two days).

Check it out today! It can be found in the Vortex on the second floor.


Video Game Recommendation: Hollow Knight

Has anyone played the game Hollow Knight either on PC or the Nintendo Switch?

Imagine my surprise when I found out it was coming out to PlayStation 4 and XBox One at the end of May! If you’ve never played, think Dark Souls but with cute graphics and you’re a humanoid bug-person fighting other bug-people. However, unlike Dark SoulsHollow Knight is a 2D action-platform side-scroller where you dodge, dash and slash your way through hundreds of enemies. Thankfully the game comes with a rating of E10+ for mild blood and fantasy violence so many can play and watch this little guy’s fantastical journey.

Image result for hollow knight

Our main character is a nameless knight on a quest to defeat the Pale King, traveling throughout the land and defeating evil bosses to progress. Like Dark Souls, you are given limited health and if you are killed you need to visit your body, or for Hollow Knight, your Shade, to recover items that were lost with your death. As you progress through the game, you begin using ‘Soul,’ a magical power, to restore health and cast offensive magic to help you survive.

Related image

Struggling to get the hang of the game? Check out Polygon’s beginners’ guide!

If you want even more information on this wonderfully crafted game, check out Hollow Knight’s website and feel free to suggest it so that maybe we’ll add it to our collection!


May 30: How to Draw Pokemon

Just got home from watching Detective Pikachu and now are fired up for all things Pokemon? Image result for detective pikachuThen join us on May 30 for the perfect art class. Artist Christine Thornton will be teaching us how to draw Pokemon creations of our very own!

The program starts at 6:30 p.m. in the Vortex for teens in grades 6–12.

We hope to see you there, ready with your favorite Pokemon on the brain!

Anime Recommendation: Midnight Occult Civil Servants

Midnight occult civil servantsAge Recommendation: 12+

Genre: Comedy / Fantasy 

# of Episodes: 4 (still currently airing new episodes on Sundays)


“When Miyako Arata joins the Shinjuku Ward Office, he thinks he’s gotten a normal civil servant job. But it turns out he’s joined the Night Community Exchange Department, one of which operates secretly in each of Tokyo’s twenty-three ward offices. Their job is to resolve occult issues concerning non-human beings. Accompanied by his senpai and department head Sakaki Kyoichi and the occult obsessed Himeduka Theo, they work night after night, facing off with beings whose existence defies the laws of our world.” – Crunchyroll


When I first saw this anime come out on Crunchyroll, just by the title I knew I had to watch it. I’m a sucker for any kind of weird office-type or government-type show. A government-type show AND the occult? SIGN ME UP ALREADY.

So far I’m three episodes in and it hasn’t disappointed! It’s the right mixture of humorous and serious and spooky. Arata is definitely likeable and since he’s as confused as we are about the occult, it makes as a good launching point to explain things in their world without it feeling like too much exposition. So far Theo is definitely my favorite, and his appearance reminds me a little of the doctor from Persona 5?? Just me? Okay, maybe just me.

We will be viewing this in the Vortex during the next anime night on May 6. Join us at 5 p.m. to watch it (we’ll have snacks!)!