New Moon

Who’s going to go see New Moon this weekend?  A friend and I are going to see the movie on Saturday night.  Now, I have to say I loved the books.  I listened to all four books on audio cd.  I was really resistant to seeing the first movie because in my mind nothing could compare to what I had read.  I actually didn’t see Twilight until August 2009.  I have to admit after I got past some of the most absurd parts (the running and tree climbing), I enjoyed the film.  So why don’t you tell me what you think – of Twilight, the movie? The Twilight books?  New Moon?  Vote in our poll or leave a comment!  And if you do see the movie, please let me know what you think!

Randi C.

2 thoughts on “New Moon

  1. Lance says:

    I love Twilight I have seen the first movie and I wished I could have seen the New moon but *sigh* yeah lol.

    also about a new program I know one which a few Twilight lovers will love here it is,

    Name:Twilight party
    Info:We will play games related to Twilight like Twilight trivia from the books and win some cool stars,Have a draw to win a book like the Twilight the new moon that type of book,and you know a draw where people right down their name and the person in charge of the program picks it out and the winner gets the book,and prizes are rewarded to the players the good of the prizes depends on the number of stars you have.

    So what you think?

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