Lil’ Thangz Miniature Creations

We have this really cool workshop scheduled next  Saturday, December 19 in Romeoville from 2 – 4 PM.  CoRiccio “Rico” Baskins will be at our library to share his amazing talent.  He started making miniature models in his teens and has turned his hobby into a career.  The cool thing is that he started making his creations out of ordinary, everyday household items like paper, foil, poster board, and more.  They are TINY and will fit into the palm of your hand.

Rico’s work has also been featured in movies.  He made the giant asteroid that was going to destroy the planet in the movie Armageddon. Please check out Rico’s display at the Romeoville library during the month of December.  His work is fantastic!  Sign up for the workshop to learn how to make your own miniature models.  Please call or stop by the library to register! For grades 4 – 12.

Randi C.

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