Fallen Angels

I read a lot (A LOT) of teen Sci-Fi and Fantasy.  I have been on this reading kick for years now and while I still love my vampire and werewolf books, I have just finished two different books about fallen angels: Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick and Fallen by Lauren Kate.

Hush, Hush follows the story of high-school sophomore Nora.  Nora hasn’t really had a romantic relationship with any of the guys at her school.  She’s just not really interested in anyone.  Not until her science teacher forces the class to change lab partners.  Nora is paired with the beautiful but strange Patch.  He has definitely has a dark side and when he enters Nora’s life, strange things start happening.  Everyone, including her best friend, is telling her to run the other way, but she just can’t seem to help how she feels.  But, Patch has a secret and Nora is determined to figure it out despite the fact that her own life is in danger.

Fallen by Lauren Kate also has a damsel in distress.  17 year-old Luce has been branded a murderer after her boyfriend died in a mysterious fire.  Her parents have decided to send her to reform school.  With limited phone privileges, no friends, and no hope of fitting in, Luce is horrified at what her life has become – until she lays eyes on Daniel.  Luce is fascinated by her fellow student and gets strange flashes of deja vu whenever he’s around.  But, the dark, menacing shadows that have haunted her all of her life have followed her to reform school.  They might be responsible for killing her boyfriend and now they are much worse.  Luce hopes Daniel might hold the key to her salvation.

Randi C.

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