Teens’ Top Ten 2010 Nominations


Vote for your favorite teen books when you participate in YALSA’s Teens’ Top Ten of 2010. Stop by the Reader’s Services desk to pick up the list of nominations. Then you can vote for your favorite online from August 24th – September 17th at www.ala.org/teenstopten. 

Here are some from the list of this year’s nomations and a brief summary…

Watersmeet. Abbott, Ellen Jensen.
Abisina is born into a colony of religious fanatics, where she is persecuted for her appearance, kept alive only because her mother is the healer. But when a new leader arrives, he rids the colony of the outcasts. Abisina escapes and is rescued by some dwarves, who help her journey to Watersmeet to find her father.

Wintergirls. Anderson, Laurie Halse.
Lia sees her eating disorder as a way to avoid so much: her stepmother’s pressure to be a role model for her new stepsister, her parents’ divorce, her mother constantly hounding over her daughter’s eating habits whenever she finds the time in the rest of her life. But most importantly, she sees it as a means to escape the death of her best friend, the one she ignored the day she died from the same disease Lia is fighting herself.

Hate List. Brown, Jennifer.
Valerie and her boyfriend Nick are constantly picked on by other kids at Garvin High. They write a Hate List, and Nick participates in a Columbine type killing. Valerie survives and has to live with the consequences.

Heist Society. Carter, Ally
Katarina is trying to get out of the family thievery business. When her father is suspected of stealing a pricelss art collection from an Italian mobster, she has to steal them back to save his life – and she has no idea where they are.

Fire. Cashore, Kristin.
Fire is a monster, quite literally. She is extraordinarily beautiful and can control the minds of humans. Soon she gets sucked into the kingdom’s political turmoil and encounters everything  from cold princes to brightly colored bunny rabbits.

City of Glass. Clare, Cassandra.
Clary must dig deep within herself to complete the journey in the unfamiliar in the name of family and love. Clary goes to the City of Glass to try to save her mother – eventhough it may mean her own death.

The Roar. Clayton, Emma.
Mika’s world appears to be based purely on mystery and lies, though he seems to be the only one who senses it. After his sister vanishes and a new government program that targets children rises, Mika decides that the only hope of finding his sister may be in the beating of the government at their own game.

Catching Fire. Collins, Suzanne.
In the sequel to the Hunger Games, Katniss is faced with the challenges of being a victor of the Games, from keeping up the image of a romantic relationship with Peeta to trying to prevent any other rioting in the other districts. But when the Capitol announces a twist that will affect Katniss forever, will she be able to survive re-entering the world of the Games?

Along for the Ride. Dessen, Sarah.
College-bound Auden lets academics drive her entire life until she moves to a beach town for the summer to live with her father, stepmother and newborn half-sister. Slowly she learns how to break out of her shell as she makes friends with the locals and falls for a trick bike rider.

Incarceron. Fisher, Catherine.
In a distant future, all the world’s criminals are dumped in a vast, living prison called Incarceron, with live forests and mechanical animals, climate-controlled weather, and everlasting dark walls that stretch to nowhere. 17 year old Finn believes he should not be there and must rely on help from the outside to escape.

hush, hush. Fitzpatrick, Becca.
Nora ends up sitting next to Patch in biology. Patch is a scary guy, a fallen angel, and he is shrouded in mystery. But he has a knack for getting under Nora’s skin. Many people seem to be out to get her and she is slowly starting to realize she is falling for Patch, even if he’s trying to kill her.

If I Stay. Forman, Gayle.
After a drive with her family, Mia wakes up to find the car in pieces and the bodies of her family by the side of the road. She is in a coma, but she can see everything happening around her, almost as if she was a ghost. With her family gone, Mia has to decide if she should stay among the living or pass on.

Beautiful Creatures. Garcia, Kami and Margaret Stohl.
Lena isn’t like the other girls in Gatlin, South Carolina. She’s as different from them as a person can get. She is a Caster. Ethan wants to be different. He hates life in Gatlin. So when he runs into Lena, almost literally, something just clicks. Can an ancient curse, a shut-in uncle, and certain doom keep them apart?

Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd. Edited by Holly Black and Cecil Castellucci.
Anyone who has ever been labeled or proclaimed themselves to be “geeks” will fall to the floor jaughing and fall in love with the many different short stories and illustrations by some of the top young adult authors.

Dragonfly. Golding, Julia.
A princess from a country formed on rules is being forced to marry a prince from a different country who just likes to live life. They dislike each other on sight – and then they are kidnapped. Can they travel back home, through enemy territory, without strangling each other?

…plus many, many more to choose from!

Whether you wish to vote or you’re just looking for a great new read, please come check out these exciting titles here at the library!

– Carly T.

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