Tween and Teen Programming Taking a Break

Yes, it’s true…BUT…it’s just so we can get ourselves moved into the new library!

The last programs are finishing up in December and then we’ll be taking a break from holding these events for 3 months. Over the course of that time, we will be packing up and moving and learning about the new library and getting ourselves settled. We’re so excited to see our new space and get ready to get these programs up and going again!

Programs are planned to get up and running again come April 1st, 2011. We’ll have the usual favorites as well as some new and exciting programs available to attend. Registration for most programming will begin March 18th.

It’s a very exciting time for us and eventhough it’s sad for those of you enjoy these programs so much, we’re happy to be able to bring you programming in our new fantastic home!

So, SAVE THE DATE of April 1st in your head, but feel free to continue to look ahead on the calendar for what’s coming up and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have at 630.685.4176.

Thanks for your understanding and we know you’ll be thrilled with the new library!

– Carly T.

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