The kind of hornet you’ll like…

The Green Hornet first appeared way back in 1936! Yes, before TV! It was a radio program about a masked superhero who goes out at night to fight crime with his sidekick Kato.

Since 1936, the Green Hornet has been found on TV and in multiple comic book series with a few modifications, but he’s basically been portrayed the same…and now, he’s made his way to the BIG SCREEN!

Yep! On January 14th, 2011, The Green Hornet will be at your local theater. Well-known actor Seth Rogen plays Britt Reid, a wealthy newspaper publisher. At night he fights crime with his martial arts expert side-kick Kato.

Whether you’re a fan of the Green Hornet already or new to the character, the library has a great number of choices for checkout to get you pumped up for the movie’s release. We have videorecordings of the various TV shows and episodes, comic books and even some audio recordings from the radio show. And if it’s checked out, we are more than happy to put items on hold so that you can get them in your hands soon!

And if the Green Hornet isn’t your thing, but you’ve got other favorite comic superheros, come check out our growing Young Adult Graphic novels section!

Enjoy the movie and happy reading!

– Carly T.

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