Moving Day is almost here!

A quick reminder to those of you that Moving Day will be here before we know it!

We are all very excited to get into te new building, but first, we need to make sure you’re taken care of before the new building actually opens!

The last day the library will be open before the move is February 6th. We will be closed a whole month – opening back up to the public on March 7th.

Sooooooooo….what does this mean for you? Well, we understand that while we are closed that you might still need library services – whether it’s checking out a new release or doing research for a school project. You are allowed to use services at other area libraries – just make sure your account is in good standing with us – and there should be no problem getting you the materials you need!

Then, on March 7th, we will be back in service to help you with your library needs! We apologize for any inconvenience, but appreciate your understanding as we make our move! We will be bringing you a great facilitiy that I’m sure you’ll  be impressed with and programming will be back for your enjoyment as well!

We will do our best to help you with any last minute items for the next few weeks and then we’ll look forward to seeing you in the new building!

– Carly T.

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