With natural disasters in the news, do you want to know more?!

Word of the tsunami that has taken its greatest toll on Japan recently is everywhere. Japan seems like a million miles away, but its effects have made its way into U.S. territory, such as Hawaii. Unfortunate events like this are all too common and with the media being able to inform us in this great technological world, we hear of these events, but do you really understand what these “natural disasters” are? And what impact does this all have on us in the United States?

In a basic description, a natural disaster is the effect of a natural hazard. Natural hazards are occurences such as an earthquake, flood, tornado, drought, and tsunami, to name a few. They can lead to financial, environmental or human loss.

Want to know more? Look no further! The library is a great place to get you the knowledge you need! Whether you’re doing a research report or just want to learn more about the world we live in, the library has a many great resources on all types of natural disasters. We have choices you might like that range from our Juvenile area to Young Adult to Adult areas. And if we don’t have it, let us see if we can get you what you’re looking for from another library.

Hope to see you soon!

– Carly T.

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