Get Ready for College @ the library

The library is hosting several events to help teens prep for college.  All of these programs are presented by Kaplan.  Registration is open for the following events:

Test Strategies 101 – Demystifying the ACT Wednesday, 11/30 @ 7 pm
Paying for College Wednesday, 12/14 @ 7 pm

Teens and their parents are welcome to register on the library’s website,

If you can’t attend an event at the library, teens can also find practice tests, workshops, and other test prep materials online., available via the library’s website, has a 24/7 SkillsCenter™ Resource Library called Test Prep Resources.  Teens can prepare for the SAT, ACT, standardized tests in all 50 states, and much more.  Access by clicking on Homework Help under the Resources Tab on the library’s website.  You will need your Fountaindale library card to access from home.

Kaplan is another good resource for test prep materials.  Teens can sign up for their free ACT or SAT QuizBank.  You’ll be able to customize your own quizzes and track your improvement with instant analysis and detailed explanations.  To sign up for QuizBank, visit

Teens and parents can also attend free Kaplan workshops from the comfort of home!  Kaplan’s free events can help you get ready for the PSAT, SAT, or ACT and the college admissions process.  Attending Live Online means you can join the workshops anywhere you have an internet connection.  Visit to check out Live Online!

The library has a few more test prep programs scheduled for 2012 including:

ACT Practice Test Saturday, 1/21 @ 1 PM
ACT 10 Question Challenge Monday, 2/6 @ 7 PM
ACT Practice Test Saturday, 3/31 @ 1 PM

Registration for these three programs begins Tuesday, 1/3/2012.

Randi C.

One thought on “Get Ready for College @ the library

  1. Russ Fletcher says:

    Thanks for hosting these series by Kaplan. A key to doing well on standardized tests (which is used for annual school-wide and district-wide evaluations) is de-mystifying the testing process and teaching the skills needed to do well.

    All school districts that score well (particularly at the high school level) on the PSAT/ACT tests have large numbers of students who participate in this kind of preparation.

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