Star Wars Gaming for Teens on September 19th! Don’t forget to sign up!

ImageOn Wednesday, September 13th, from 6:30-8:00pm, we will be having a Stars Wars themed Gaming Event for grades 6-12. Use the force, we will, when we play some of our favorite Star Wars video and board games. This event will take place in The Vortex and registration is required either by going online at, calling us at 630.685.4199 or stopping by The Teen Services Desk in The Vortex.

And for you Star Wars fans out there, here’s a little fun trivia that you might not know…

* “Vader” is Dutch for “Father.”
* It took 3 different actors to portray Darth Vader: one for body, one for face, and one for voice.
* The small actor hiding in R2-D2 is less than 4 feet tall.
* The Milenium Falcon was originally inspired by the shape of a hamburger with an olive on the side.
* During The Empire Strikes Back’s famous asteroid scene, one of the deadly hurling asteroids is actually a …potato!
* In order to achieve the sound of Darth Vader’s very raspy breathing, scuba gear was used.
* Starkiller was originally Luke Skywalker’s last name.
* What do Yoda and Miss Piggy have in common? Frank Oz voiced both characters!

Hope to see you on the 19th!

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