Pizza Taste-Off Goodness!

ImageLast Monday, teens had the opportunity to participate in a Pizza Taste-Off in the Vortex.  Five local pizza places including Home Run Inn Pizza, Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria, Nancy’s Pizza, Mrs T’s Pizza, and Rosati’s Pizza donated cheese pizzas for the program.  30 teens taste-tested each pizza and voted for their favorite in several categories: Best Crust, Best Sauce, Best Cheese, Appearance, Taste, and Overall Favorite.

Here are the winners in each category:ImageImage

Best Crust….Home Run

Best Sauce….Home Run

Best Cheese….Rosati’s

Appearance….Home Run

Taste….Home Run

Overall Favorite Pizza….Home Run

Nancy’s Pizza came in second for Overall Favorite Pizza.

Everyone had a great time! Big thanks to all the pizza establishments that made this program possible.  Their willingness to donate made this a great event for our local teens.

Randi C.

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