Pokémon Shuffle Will Take Over Your Life (and you will let it)


Seriously though. This game is great, it’s free, and you should play it.

It’s a match-three game (so think Bejeweled or the accursed Candy Crush) and the more matches you make, the more damage you do. However, you are allowed only a certain number of moves per pokémon. The amount of moves you get depend on which Pokémon it is. Some have more, and some only have 3! So make your matches count! Especially since how many moves you have left remaining increases your chances of catching the Pokémon you were just facing. The better your moves, the easier to catch it will be! (and for some Pokémon, trust me, you will need it.)

Image from the official Nintendo Pokémon Shuffle webpage

The only (small) downside of the game is that you can only play against 5 Pokémon in a row at one time (it doesn’t matter if it’s the same Pokémon, it still subtracts from your heart meter). You can pay money to get more, but that is not worth it. DON’T GIVE IN. PATIENCE, MY FRIENDS. In a half hour, you will get another heart. It will be okay. Yes, you can wait that long. I promise.

Why, you may ask? Because there are so many Pokémon books and movies you can get from the library to kill that time!

Just click on the link, and it will take you to a list of everything Pokémon we have at Fountaindale.

We also have loads of other 3DS and DS games for you to play in the meantime as well!

For any more information on the game visit Nintendo’s official website!

Or if you need any tips and tricks because you can’t get past Mega-Gengar? Gamefaqs has plenty of threads to help you with your troubles. Bulbapedia is also awesome for more information on the game as well.

Go forth my friends, and keep on shuffling!


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