Summer Adventure 2015: Write a Short Story, Letter, or Poem about your Personal Hero

Notebook and penEarn points for the Summer Adventure by writing a short story, letter or poem about your personal hero.

Is there someone in your life you admire beyond all others? Close your eyes. Picture them in your mind. What is it you like about them? What have they done to help others or yourself? Is there something you have always wished to tell them but never had the chance to do so?

Instead of just thinking the answer to those questions, write them down. Haha! My devious plan worked! You have already started the beginnings for your piece about your personal hero. Now grab a pen and a piece of paper, or open a word document, if you prefer, and get writing! Now is your chance to tell the world and your hero just how much they mean to you.

When you are finished, feel free to share your work with us between May 18—July 25, 2015 by emailing The short stories, letters, and poems may be shared on social media or posted at the library.  

Need help? The library has plenty of writing resources for you to check out!

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