Blogilates: A Free Personal Trainer in your Living Room 24/7

Cassey Ho is my exercise idol! She is the creator of POP Pilates and the fitness site and youtube channel: Blogilates.


Image from her website and book: Hot Body Year Round

Why is she my idol?

She’s the first person to ever make me excited and motivated to exercise. It’s like having a personal trainer that’s also your best friend that you have access to 24/7. She won’t get mad at you if you need training at 3 a.m! (though your parents might!)

Since I discovered her, I’ve been able to exercise nearly every day because she makes it so fun with her bright and bubbly personality. Before Cassey, I had barely exercised (on purpose) in years!

She’s also an excellent teacher. In her videos, she makes everything actually make sense. I don’t know about you guys, but I am not the most coordinated person to grace the earth. A lot of times in exercise videos they show the moves at 10 times the pace they should for my poor brain to be able to keep up.

Plus, not only does she go slow enough, she even shows you what not to do. Most of the time when she explains what the wrong way looks like, I’ll realize that I was doing the exercise incorrectly! These corrections are super important for self awareness when you’re exercising. It helps you make sure you’re getting the most out of your workout!

To cut the thinking out of exercise, she creates workout guides for her followers. She has a beginner’s calendar for those just starting out and a calendar that changes each month with her newest videos. No more wondering what exercise videos to choose! She eliminates that hard decision so you can jump right in.

If you’re just starting out, I recommend going with her Beginner’s Calendar first!

If you’re already in shape and want to keep that toned body, you might be ready from the get-go for her monthly calendar! She releases a new one every month with her new workouts. No more wondering what to do! It’s all right there for you. You can find it on the left side of her home page.

You can follow her on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.

Also, the library has her book, Hot Body Year Round, available for checkout as an ebook! Download it to your ereader, phone, or tablet today!

The library also has an ongoing Yoga class available for registration!

Now don’t just sit there, get moving!

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