Superhero VS. Villain Showdown – Week 2

The first round of voting in the Superhero VS. Villain Showdown is complete. Teens can vote for their favorite heroes and villains in a bracket-style tournament. Week 2 voting will run Monday, June 22 – Sunday, June 28.  Votes will be entered into a drawing to win a $25 Regal 12 movie theater gift card! One vote per person, per week.

The Avengers dominated the superhero bracket knocking out Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and more.   And in a surprise move, The Joker was eliminated by the Green Goblin.  Here are the match-ups for Round 2.

Iron Man vs. Thor
Spiderman vs. Captain America
Wolverine vs. The Incredible Hulk
Black Widow vs. The Flash

Lex Luthor vs. The Green Goblin
Bane vs. Doomsday
Ultron vs. Catwoman
Magneto vs. Loki

Remember to vote online or in the Vortex!


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