Manga Review: Skip*Beat! By Yoshiki Nakamura

skip beat

Skip*Beat! By Yoshiki Nakamura

Genre: Shoujo (Romance) / Comedy

First Released: 2002

Number of vols: 35+

Brief Synopsis: When her childhood best friend, Sho Fuwa, tosses her aside like last week’s breakfast after becoming famous, Kyoko Mogami vows to enter show business and become even more popular and famous than him.

Where can I find it in the library?
This will be on the second floor of the library in the Vortex.


Spoiler-free Commentary

I didn’t think anything could be cuter than Dengeki Daisy, but I was wrong (and I love me some Dengeki!).

Unlike a lot of shoujo manga leads, Kyoko is not driven by her desire to be loved by someone. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. She is driven by hatred and rage. She felt used by her childhood friend and will stop at nothing to get back at him. That’s what makes her so interesting! I love that about her. She’s so extremely determined that she puts her entire self into everything she does. Once she gets an idea in her head (getting revenge against Sho), she is going to give it her all and nothing can save you if you get in her way.

Nakamura doesn’t write flat main characters; the other characters are just as interesting as Kyoko, if not more so. Without spoiling anything, many of them are very multi-dimensional as you learn about them with every volume.

On Crunchyroll, there is also an anime version as well available to watch but I haven’t seen it yet. I enjoy the manga so much that I was worried it would ruin it for me somehow. Maybe once the series ends (which only Nakamura knows when that’ll be) I’ll give it a try. If you’ve seen it and think its worth watching, reply below in the comments!

However, If you’ve already read all of Skip Beat that’s out so far AND seen all of the anime, I also recommend reading Otomen by Aya Kanno! The series is complete and the library also owns all the volumes! Check it out today!

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