We Want Your Pet Stories!

Lookit all these cats! All of five of these live the boyfriend’s house. Yes, that’s right, five cats in one home and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Out of those five, three actually belong to the boyfriend and I.


From bottom to top: Coffee, Tux, Kairi, Dean, and Tiffie.

I guess you could say I ended up turning into one of those crazy cat ladies. I didn’t plan on starting out this way. Growing up, I actually had dogs! I didn’t wake up one day suddenly deciding to collect ALL THE CATS, it just kinda happened. It wasn’t until I met the boyfriend, Scott, and started spending time at his family’s place that I had cats around on a regular basis (His parents owned two cats). Within a few years, my cat count went up and tripled! I didn’t choose the cat lady life, it chose me.

It all started with how we were adopted by my cat Tux.

tux bowtie

No proper suit is complete without a bowtie! Bowties are cool.

One seemingly ordinary day, Scott was getting home from work and stepped out of his car. Before he could barely even take a step, he felt a sudden weight on his feet. He looked down with a start! There was a cat plopped down on top of his feet.

“Cat! Who are you? I’ve never seen you around here before.”

He reached down to gingerly pet the cat. He was very thin indicating that he was wandering the neighborhood for some time. The cat nuzzled into his hand and when he had his fill, he got up and walked away. Scott scratched his head as he watched the cat, wondering if he’ll ever see him again. Once he got in the house, he couldn’t wait to tell me all about what happened. We decided to name him Tux for his colors. He was black with a white stomach and white markings on his face; it looked like he was wearing a tuxedo. Not very original, but it oddly suits him (pun intended).

A few days later, Scott came out his bedroom and noticed something was different. There were three cats in the house instead of the usual two! It was Tux! In the house! We stood a moment and stared, confused. A smile slowly appeared on our faces, it looks like we obtained another cat in the household. He hasn’t left since; it’s now been over three happy years of being owned by multiple cats (Kairi and Tiffie stories to come at a later date!).

Now that I’ve shared my story, we want to hear from you!

Shoot us an email at fountaindaleteen@fountaindale.org with your pet (can be any type of pet, not just cats) pictures and stories for a random chance to win a gift card! Email entrants please include your full real name and grade level.  You have until September 30th to enter! Contest for Bolingbrook teens in grades 6 – 12.

You can also enter by replying in the comments below! (Remember online to not share your real name publicly! That is for email entrants only)

Now lets see those photos and stories!

3 thoughts on “We Want Your Pet Stories!

  1. Fina says:

    I am going to be a 10th grader this year and I have a goldfish story to tell. In the second grade I got a gold fish named Goldy(very origional) and I feed her every single hour. A week later she exploded because I feed her gram crackers and gram crackers expand in water which made the fish’s stomach burst. It was gross and I never had a pet again

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