Happy Birthday, Kairi!

Happy Birthday to my kitty, Kairi!

Today she is two years old! I’ve had her since she was four weeks old (I had to guesstimate her birthday by counting back four weeks). Like Tux, her origin story is unconventional.

Around Sept 10th at the boyfriend’s (Scott) house, his neighbor went up to the house and asked if we could take in a kitten. She found her outside sleeping in a dish left out for the stray cats to eat out of. She was only 3-4 weeks old so she was extremely tiny. There were hawks circling outside nearby and the neighbor was scared she would be hawk-food! Thankfully she was able to catch the teeny kitten and bring her to Scott’s house. 


She adapted to inside life right away!

When someone comes to your door asking if you could keep a kitten (when you already own a few cats), how can you possibly say no? You may be able to, but we weren’t!

We found out from the vet’s office that she had an upper respiratory infection so we had to keep her isolated from the other cats until she was well again. In the meantime, I spent all my free time with Kairi: making sure she had plenty of food, water, and attention. Kairi and I bonded instantly.

One of my favorite memories of her as a kitten was when we first got her, Attack on Titan (the anime) was still a new thing. Kairi slept in my lap the entire time while Scott and I marathoned the first eleven episodes that were out at the time. I was a bit freaked out by the titans but Kairi’s presence made things a lot less creepy!


She also enjoys watching Supernatural and 3DS games!

We weren’t the only ones to bond, however, Tux and Kairi had too! This was a complete and total surprise to all of us. We were actually worried about how he would react to her because when he was a stray, he would occasionally get into fights with the other feral cats outside (and he was the instigator more often than not! Thankfully he’s an indoor only cat now, so no need to worry.)

When we first brought her into the house, Tux was so excited that we really struggled to keep them separate at first. Thankfully once Kairi got a clean bill of health from our vet, they were free to snuggle and play together as much as they liked! Two years later, they’re still the best of buddies.


Any (true) pet stories or pictures you want to share with us? It can be about any kind of pet, not just cats! You have a random chance to win a 25$ dollar gift card to Target if you do!

How do you enter?

Two ways!

  • Shoot us an email at fountaindaleteen@fountaindale.org with your pet pictures and stories. Email entrants please include your full real name and grade level.
  • Comment on this blog post below with your pictures and/or story. Commentors only leave your first name and grade level.

You have until September 30th to enter! Contest for Bolingbrook teens in grades 6 – 12.

I can’t wait to see your stories and photos!


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