Best Library Resources to Get Caught Using on Your Smartphone

It’s back to school time! And your attention spans will inevitably wane.

While I am not encouraging cell phone use in schools, I realize it happens. Even though they should be in your lockers, I know they’re most likely not going to be. The temptation is hard. The struggle is real; I get it guys.

But your teachers will not.

Now here’s where I come in. What if you get caught using a library resource on your phone? Your teacher will be so impressed that they will not confiscate your phone this time. You get to keep your phone for the rest of the school day and look good to your teacher. Win-win! Woo!

Here’s some apps and websites that will make you look awesome to your teachers.


mangoMango Languages for Libraries

Want to learn German while you’re in Spanish or French class? Now you can! Out of all these resources, Mango has to be my favorite. “Mango is an online language learning system teaching practical conversation skills for a wide variety of popular languages, including English as a second language; Spanish; French; Chinese; and even Pirate!” It makes learning a new language not only easy, but also fun. You’ll be amazed and proud of yourself on how fast you start picking it up!


The books you have to read for class are boring? Hide your phone in your school book and read something else that you actually want to read!

The library has several apps for eBooks. To download any of these, in your device’s appstore search for any of the following apps:

overdrive Overdrive

3m cloud 3M Cloud

axis 360 Axis360

For help installing any of these visit the library website!



Lynda is super cool. If you want to learn something technology related, chances are, they’ll have a video on it to learn about it. “This online subscription library teaches the latest software tools and skills through high-quality instructional videos taught by recognized industry experts. Create an account, track your progress and print certificates of completion when you finish a course.”

Brainfuse Help Now!

Is your teacher boring and you’re not really learning what you want to learn about the subject from them? Try Brain Fuse! it’s “a full service resource that has live online tutors, writing labs, online group collaboration classrooms and much, much more. Resume writing help, Microsoft Office help, high school equivalency prep and U.S. Citizenship preparation are also offered as part of the service.”


Find your next great book to read! “Search for fiction books by author, title, series title, plot, or genre. Searches can be done by Lexile score or grade level. Based on a book or author, the system can suggest read-a-likes. Reviews on most titles are also available.”

For a full list of library resources and recommended websites visit the library’s online resources page.

For a list of databases related to homework help visit here instead.

*Quick note, I am in no way encouraging cell phone use during school! This was meant to be a humorous attempt at sharing resources the library has available!

Now get on your phones and learn, everyone!

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