Toops the Hedgehog

This week’s pet story is brought to you by staff member, Dan Mekeel! He has a pet Hedgehog named Toops.

“Toops the hedgehog and I became pals about a year and a half ago.  A friend was moving and had too many pets for the move so I took Toops off her hands.  I’m not sure why he was named Toops but it fits him.

    He loves crickets and kitten chow (gotta have that high protein diet) and his favorite toys are his running wheel, his plastic cat, and toilet-paper tubes.  Yes, I said toilet-paper tubes.  

Toops tubing

He sticks his head into the tube and goes nuts.  He starts thrashing his head back-and-forth and throwing his bedding all over the place, running into walls, and then just rolling over.It almost seems like he can’t get out but then he pulls his head out and looks at you, almost as if to say, “what are you staring at?”.

   Toops is pretty friendly and will only get defensive (sticking out his quills and make a popping/snorting sound) until you pick him up. Picking him up sounds a lot easier than it actually is. The trick is scooping him up under the quills.  This mellows him out, but he does become curious and starts to sniff around everywhere and climb about.

   I never thought I would end up getting a hedgehog, let alone one named Toops.  It has been a pleasant experience so far (besides cleaning his wheel ) and I really enjoy his hedgehoggish ways.” –Dan

Any of our readers have any unconventional pets? Tell us all about them! You have a random chance to win a 25$ dollar gift card to Target if you do!

How do you enter?

Two ways!

  • Shoot us an email at with your pet pictures and stories. Email entrants please include your full real name and grade level.
  • Comment on this blog post below with your pictures and/or story. Commenters only leave your first name and grade level.

You have until September 30th to enter! Contest for Bolingbrook teens in grades 6 – 12.

Let’s see those pets!!

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