Crochet: The Granny Square. What is it and how to make one.

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Looking for inspiration for a project to bring with you?

Remember the blankets you see in sitcoms and other TV shows draped over a character’s bed or couch? No? You don’t? What kind of whackadoodle notices what blankets fictional people own?

Oh, I guess that’s just me then.

Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory

And the people at! They actually wrote a piece about this same subject: Why do so many sitcoms have similar blankets?

After reading it, I had a MAD URGE to make an granny square blanket. Will I actually do it? Maybe, maybe not. I’m more of a knitter and crochet has a tendency to be hard on my wrists. But hey, in spite of that I may do it anyway. Why? To quote Crazy Dave from the first Plants vs Zombies game, “BECAUSE I’M CRAAAAAAAAZY!”  (and for those of you who now have a sudden urge to play Plants vs Zombies, you’re welcome.)

Now, because of course you didn’t click on the link to the slate article because you’re like me: lazy. What exactly is a granny square??

A granny square is a crochet motif. You can make one small one to be a coaster or a hotpad for hot dishes. Or you can take that one granny square pattern and create ONE GINORMOUS GRANNY SQUARE BLANKET TO RULE THEM ALL, or you can make a whole slew of granny squares and sew them all together into one blanket. Think of it like the power rangers, they all come together to become the megazord, in our case it will be the MEGA BLANKET.

There’s lots of different types of granny squares out there! They even come in a circular format! (yes I know then it’s not technically a square but shush you.)

Here are some examples:

The Traditional Granny Square

granny square petals to picots

Image: PetalstoPicots Tutorial for Granny Squares

The traditional granny square is what was used in the blankets in Roseanne and The Big Bang Theory.   

If you wanted to try and mimic these famous blankets, according to Crochet Time’s blog, Roseanne’s granny squares had 5 rows to them, and Amy’s had 4 rows to them (the 4th and last row being black for Amy’s).  

Some other tutorials on how to do it are:

Daisy Granny Square Coaster

These are adorable as coasters! But I can picture them looking super cool as a megazord, I mean blanket, too! Click here for the pattern.

Sunburst Granny Square


Snowflake Hexagon Granny Square


Other granny square patterns!

Last but not least, the library has a great book on crochet motifs!

I can’t wait to see some granny squares at Needles & a Movie on September 14th!

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