THE 5TH WAVE Is Coming… to a Theater Near You

So, I was watching the premier of The Muppets on Tuesday when something awesome happened. It was in the form of a commercial – not something I would usually describe as awesome, but it was. It was an ad for an upcoming movie based on one of my favorite book series!

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey was published in 2013, but I finally got around to reading it a few months ago. I loved it! Action! Romance! Aliens! Explosions! Teddy bears! Really, what more could you want? I finished the second in the series, The Infinite Sea, about a week before I saw the movie ad. I already have the third book, The Last Star, on my To Be Read list. Unfortunately, it won’t be published until May of 2016. And the movie isn’t slated to come out until January of 2016. The good news is: that gives you all plenty of time to read the first two in the series before you see the movie! Seriously, you won’t be disappointed!

The 5th Wave at Fountaindale
The Infinite Sea at Fountaindale



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