Tux versus the Vacuum: Crazy Western Showdown Edition

Today’s post is brought to you by…Tux versus the Vacuum.

Tux looks tough, but against Vacuum? Read on and see...

Tux looks tough, but against Vacuum? Read on and see…

Imagine a fur filled tumbleweed passes you by. Tux strides out of the saloon, still savoring the taste of the tuna he had. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees it. His eyes narrow. His nemesis.

The vacuum strides up. He sees Tux. The dirtiest cat this side of town. The vacuum pauses. He’s lost in a flashback.

Fur coated everywhere. Shedding season. He will never forget the sight of the townspeople buried by feet upon feet of fur. You could almost swim in it. Vacuum didn’t think he would have made it out alive. He almost didn’t. The sheer amount of fur…the horror. The horror.

Vacuum shook his head, shaking the memories away. This is no time to get lost in the past. Not when Tux was within his grasp. It was time to run this cat out of town before he strikes again.

Tux walked up to Vacuum, so close that their noses almost touched. “Back for more?” he hissed with snear, flashing a glimpse of his fangs.

Vacuum didn’t flinch. He was used to threats from tough guys like him. They were all talk. “You know you can’t scare me. I know your weakness.”

“Weakness? Ha! You wish!” Tux smirked, getting into Vacuum’s face.

The the corner of Vacuum’s mouth quirked up in smile. He closed his eyes and began to hum.

Tux’s eyes widened. “No. You wouldn’t.” Tux hopped back, getting away from the noise. The hair on the back of his neck stood on end. He recognized the sound.

There was a rumble in Vacuum’s throat now, increasingly louder.

“NO. THE SOUND.” Tux dropped to the ground, covering his ears. “MRRROOW.” he howled, shrieking in pain.

Once he thought his point was made to his satisfaction, Vacuum slowed his rumbling. The noise may have been overwhelming, but the silence was just as deafening. Tux whimpered, hesitantly uncovering his ears. “Is…is it over?” His voice quavered, all his previous confidence drained away.

“Only you get to decide that,” Vacuum explained. “You have the power to make it stop. Get out of town; I won’t follow.”

Tux nodded too many times and so fast that he felt dizzy. He stayed on the ground. He would do anything to never have to hear that noise again. “I’ll go.” He nodded again, less of assent and more as a nervous quirk. He stumbled as he slowly got to his feet. “I’ll go.”

Tux walked off towards the blazing sun as Vacuum watched. He wasn’t sure where he would go next, but he would go to the ends of the Earth to never have to hear that noise ever again.

Did Tux ever find a safe place from Vacuum? Well, no. We have a vacuum, but we make sure Vacuum doesn’t run him out of town. Tux keeps his shedding to a minimum, and Vacuum lets him hide when he makes his terrible noise. It’s not the perfect situation, but it’s as close to harmony as we’ll ever get.

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