Dystopian Fantasy or Fantastic Dystopia?

The Red Queen
by Victoria Aveyard

Mare B10212034arrow is a Red, one of the poor, magicless working class of The Stilts.  Her brothers have been sent to the war.  Her father is disabled.  Her family lives on the money Mare’s sister earns from embroidery – and whatever Mare can steal.  Meanwhile, the Silvers (so named for the color of their blood) have not only all the political and economic power but also possess god-like abilities to control or manipulate the elements.  Despite Mare’s illegal activity and her hatred for Silvers, she manages to land a job as a serving girl at the King’s palace.  While there, she discovers the line between Red and Silver might not be as clear as she thought and the balance of power looks like it might be shifting

Like a cross between The Hunger Games and A Game of Thrones, this book combines common elements of futuristic dystopian and epic fantasy to create something awesome!  At first, it was a bit jarring to see telescreens and guns in what felt like a Medieval setting, but this hybrid of two familiar genres quickly became comfortable and believable because the characters were realistic regardless of their fantastic nature.  I love that Mare has complicated relationships with her family and her friend, Kilorn.  I love that she steals and lies and isn’t perfect.  I love that she doesn’t know who to trust in this world of power and deceit.  I love that she wants to change the world but struggles with the consequences.  
Red Queen is a great read for anyone who wants a healthy dose of action, magic,and intrigue in their fiction!

You can check it out here.



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