Last-Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Make at Home

Oh noes!  Halloween is THIS Saturday!  And you don’t have a costume yet!  Aigh!  Whatever will you do?  Never fear; the Internet is here!  

Some of the best costumes are homemade ones.  The possibilities are endless!  Just think about all the stuff you have lying around that house that could be spookified!  But, if you’re having trouble coming up with some ideas, here’s a few to get those imaginative juices flowing.  And all of them can be made for under $10!

spider costume

photo courtesy of

Do you have a long-sleeved, black shirt?  How about 3 pairs of black panty hose and  some string?  You’ve totally got the makings of a spider costume!  Stuff the panty hose with polyfill or even newspaper to give them some shape.  (You could also use leggings instead of hose and just loosely sew up the foot holes.  You can easily remove the stitches later.)  Tie off the waists of each pair with string/yarn or sew them closed for a neater look.  Tie your spider legs together and to your own wrists as shown in the picture and TA-DA!  Instant spider.

minion costume

photo courtesy of

Feeling despicable?  Grab a yellow hat, yellow t-shirt, jeans, black ribbon (about 2″ thick) and 2 plastic or paper cups.  Loosely sew or glue the black ribbon around the rim of the yellow hat to make the band of the goggles.  Cut the cups so that there’s only about an inch of cup left at the bottom.  Paint the outside of the cup silver (or wrap in duct tape) and tape a black, paper circle of paper inside the cup to make the eye pupil.  Glue these two eyes to the ribbon google band and there’s your minion’s head.  To complete the costume, wear a yellow shirt and overalls or jeans with more black ribbon ties to the belt loops to simulate suspenders.  Black gloves add a nice touch.

grapes costume

photo courtesy of

Do you have a bunch of balloons left over from a party?  Wear clothes that match the balloons.  (Purple or green for a bunch of grapes, red for a raspberry, black for a blackberry.)  Then tape or tie the balloons onto your torso to resemble your chosen fruit.  If you want a stem, you can find a lot of different types of greenery at craft stores and dollar stores.

Pro Tip:  Don’t wear this one to school.

lego brick costume

photo courtesy of instructables

This one is super easy to make but it’s another one that you probably don’t want to wear to school.  Find a cardboard box that is large enough to fit around your entire body.  Cut a hole large enough for your head in the middle of one side.  Cut holes for your arms on 2 sides.  Glue plastic cups to form the nubs of the brick and then spray paint the whole thing!  Wear clothes to match your costume.

scarecrow costume

photo courtesy of

If I only had a brain.. I’d grab some ratty-looking, old clothes and a floppy hat to make the easiest Halloween costume EVER.  Old jeans, overalls, and long-sleeved shirts are best, but you could wear almost anything!  If you only have old sweatpants, say that you’re a jogging scarecrow.  Whatever. Be creative!   You can get some straw or hay from a craft store or garden center to really get the point across.  Or just tape some fall leaves to the cuffs of your shirt and pants to get a similar effect.  Add some “stitches” with face paint or eyeliner and you’re good to go!

Now that you’re all dressed up, make sure to come on out to the Vortex’s Costume Party on Friday, October 30 at 3pm!  We’ll have games, snacks, movies, and prizes!  You can register here!

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