Noche de las Papas!

Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) was yesterday.  Families around the world (mostly of Mexican descent) spent the day remembering, honoring, and praying for friends and family members that have passed away.  Even if you’ve never celebrated Día de los Muertos, you’ve probably seen a lot of the traditional elements: decorated skulls, Santa Catarina dolls, marigolds, colorful cut paper, and more.

muertos altar

If you’ve ever wondered how mainstream Día de los Muertos has become, just do a quick Google search.  Seriously.  We have a program this week in which you can create your own Day of the Dead sugar skulls, so I was looking for some good images… and I found THIS:

Muertos Papas

I literally laughed out loud.  Mr. Potato Head?  That was SO not what I expected to find.  It made me think about other creepy potato heads.  Like, what if they had Mr. Vampire Potato Head with fangs and a cape.  (I checked.  They do.)  How about a were-tater?  There should also be a rotten, shambling Zombie potato.  Instead of Night of the Living Dead, it would totally be Night of the Potatoes (or Noche de las Papas, in Spanish)!

But I digress.

This is the type of image I had expected:


But, just for fun, why don’t you print out both images and use them as coloring pages?

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