This Is Not Your Baby Brother’s Coloring Book

Coloring has long been thought of as a kid thing.  Now, all of a sudden, COLORING FOR ADULTS is everywhere you look.  Um, hello?  There’s a gap here.  What about teens?  Coloring can be fun and relaxing for people of any age.  Sometimes you want to be creative without having to actually *think* of something to make.  Or you just want to get lost in the lines and the colors.  

Coloring fort

Well, we at the Vortex, have not forgotten you!  We recently bought a bunch of cool coloring books and we now have those as well as free coloring pages available for your colorfication!  


I love coloring so much I even ordered coloring books for all my loved ones this holiday season, and I have to say that the variety of awesome and sometimes bizarre coloring books is really pretty astounding!  

For fan of the Potterverse, there’s:

coloring book harry potter

For Whovians, there’s:

coloring book who

Starks and Lannisters, try this one:

coloring game of thronesFor seekers of relaxation:

coloring zenFor people who hate unicorns:

coloring unicorns

If you find you need something to do or you need a moment to relax, check out our collection of coloring pages and books.  Let us know if there’s something you’d like us to add.  We’ll see what we can do!

And here’s a few to get you started!

coloring page squarecoloring page doctor who

Have fun!

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