Ringing in the New Year with Cosplay

The new year is fast approaching! It’s a time for parties, reminiscing over the year that’s about to end, and making New Year’s resolutions (then promptly breaking said New Year’s resolutions).

For me, however, it’s time to start freaking out over what cosplay I’m going to do next. Am I taking the lazy route and updating something I’ve already created? Or shall I be brave and motivate myself to start something new? I waffle over this for a few months ‘til it’s about barely a month before the con starts and then panic mode sets in. TIME FOR ALL THE SEWING EVER.


The original image for this comes from the amazing blog: Hyperbole and a Half

Though no procrastination this year! (So I say now, check back with me in April/early May and we’ll see where I’m at).

So where do I start when wanting to create a new cosplay outfit?

The very, very, very first thing I do before I even consider putting stuff together is collecting as many images as I can of the character I’d like to cosplay.

I grab as many different angles as I possibly can. I’ll scour all throughout the internet to get as complete a picture as I possibly can put together of the character’s outfit. As annoying as it can be sometimes, it’s totally worth it – even if you have to rewatch episodes (or youtube videos if it’s a character from a video game) and take the screenshots yourself. That way you won’t have to go back and image search while you’re in the middle of putting it together! Your Past Self has done all the work for your Future Self! Hooray!


pyrrha nikos

Sometimes you’ll get lucky and find an image like this! (Character is Pyrrha Nikos from the awesome show, RWBY)

After all the images have been saved into a nice and tidy folder (and NAMED. NAME YOUR FOLDER SO YOU CAN FIND IT AGAIN. IMPORTANT.), now you can at least think about putting together your cosplay.

Usually for me, the first thing I tackle is the wig. No matter how perfect the outfit is (whether I’ve bought it, someone made it for me, or I made it myself). I don’t feel like the character till I have the right hairstyle! It helps me feel more in character as I’m putting together the clothing as well. Plus wigs take forever to come in the mail depending on the seller, so it’s best to get that out of the way. You can do last minute sewing before a con (not recommended, but it’s at least feasible), but last minute wig buying? Eeeeeh…good luck.

After I’ve chosen the wig, I’ll try to pull out the major pieces of the outfit and break it down into the top, bottom (be it a skirt, pants, dress, etc), and shoes. For Pyrrha, I’d do the skirt first. It seems to be a simple mini skirt with a cloth wraparound that can be handled later (Yay no pleats!! I hate pleats.). From there, I’d attempt the top. A lot of times fabric stores will have awesome sales on their sewing patterns and you can find something close enough to alter.

pyrrha top

This pattern here gives us the basic shape for Pyrrha’s top to make it that much easier to alter! Much better than from scratch!

Accessories can come last. Get the basic parts done first so that you’re at least clothed! Her armor can be created with all sorts of materials, craft foam or Worbla for example.

I hope that gives you a bit of an idea of where to start on your next cosplay! Also don’t be afraid to buy stuff online! Especially with accessories, it can end up being cheaper. Etsy is a cosplayer’s friend!

Happy Cosplaying!

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