What is Ashe Watching?: Worst Cooks in America

So lately I have been absolutely obsessed with cooking shows, more specifically, cooking competition shows. The one I’ve been watching the most is Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America.


The premise of the show is that two famous chefs (the seasons I’ve seen have Bobby Flay and Anne Burrell) try to find the Worst Cooks in America and then put them through a cooking bootcamp so their friends and family can finally survive their cooking.

Though not only are the Worst Cooks competing, so are the chefs! The contestants are separated into two teams (each chef gets one team), and one person per team gets eliminated each episode. On the last episode, the last person on each team gets to cook for a small panel of culinary judges and have a chance to win $25,000.

I love this show because it’s amazing to see how many people are able to manage through life without knowing anything about cooking. It’s fascinating! Plus I’ve learned some nifty things myself such as how to cut an onion properly or the different types of cooking an egg! The show isn’t directly meant to teach the viewer things like conventional cooking shows, but by watching the chefs teach their teams, it’s impossible to not learn anything.

While we don’t have it available at the library for checkout unfortunately, you can watch some of the episodes on Food Network’s website! The episodes online feature a season with Chef Anne Burrell and Chef Tyler Florence.

Seen the show and interested more in the actual chefs than the contestants? We do have some cookbooks for you to try by Chef Anne, Chef Bobby, and Chef Tyler!

Bon Appetit!

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