Food for Thought

Hey guys! I want to hear what you’ve been reading! And I’m prepared to bribe you with snacks!

Introducing… ”Food for Thought!” It’s not a “book club;” it’s a bookS club.” Normally, in a book club, everyone would read the same book and then get together to discuss things like theme, characters, foreshadowing, blah blah blah. In “Food for Thought,” you can read whatever book you want. Do you love sports fiction? Great; read that! Do you obsess over graphic novels or manga? Great; read that! Is your OTP from the pages of a fantasy series? Fabulous; tell us all about them!

There are some serious benefits to this kind of bookS club:
Most obviously – free food! Yay!
You get to talk about things you love!
You get to hear others talk about the things they love – really cool things you might never have known about otherwise.
By talking to US about the things you love, we can more easily incorporate those things into future programs.

IMG_6604-1939 (2).jpg

Whatever you’ve been reading, come share it (and a snack) with other teens in “Food for Thought!” (Literally. I’m giving you food in exchange for your thoughts. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.)

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