Lolita Fashion Show & Tea Party

Do you love cute and elegant things? So do we!

On February 6th, the library will be hosting a Lolita Fashion Show and Tea Party at 2 P.M in Meeting Room A! Please register in advance in order to attend.

What will be happening at the progam?

Have a spot of tea and some sweets while presenters, Molly McKinley and Helen Shih, introduce you to the exciting (and not to mention adorable) world of Lolita Fashion! As you enjoy your tea, they will put on a fashion show as they go through the various styles of Lolita. Light refreshments will be provided. At the end, there will also be a drawing for prizes provided by Dream Princess!

Molly and Helen Lolita

Presenters: Molly & Helen (photo of Helen taken by Jeff Johnson of Iconic Industries)

Who is this program for?

This program is aimed at teens in grades 6-12, but adults are also welcome to register!

What is Lolita fashion?

As I am a very wordy and overly complicated person, I’m going to let wikipedia do the explaining for me! Simply put, “Lolita fashion is a fashion subculture originating in Japan that is based on Victorian and Edwardian clothing, but the style has expanded greatly beyond Japan.”

Do I have to dress up for this program?

Nope! Dressing up is encouraged but not required! Come dressed as fancy as you dare.

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