Pokemon Picross: Mindbendingly Fun Puzzles

Nintendo has done it again! First it was Pokemon Shuffle, and now it’s Pokemon Picross. I’m addicted, yet again!

pokemon picross

Pokemon Picross is free to play, but for those who are impatient you can buy more of the in-game currency, Picrites, with real money (which I don’t recommend doing. Especially not without parental permission!).

Even though the Picrites are rather limited to get, there are daily challenges that you can play to supplement the amount you get from completing missions on each puzzle! For more tips and information on playing Pokemon Picross without spending money, try this Gamefaqs thread.

I’ve never played Picross before, should I be worried?

Nope! The game teaches you the first time you load it (for those who are already familiar with picross, you are able to skip this, yay!).

pokemon picross 2

Still having trouble even after the in-game tutorial? Try this! It may make a bit more sense to you instead. It’s a tutorial that applies to how to play normal picross, but it still totally works. The only thing that is different is the skills you get from Pokemon that you bring into puzzles with you.

How is it different from normal Picross?

For one, it has Pokemon! Which just makes everything better.

pokemon picross 3

When starting out, Eevee was my favorite Pokemon to use! Rising Reveal is ❤ 

The Pokemon are the reason what makes the game different. You take them into the puzzle with you and each one has a different ability to make the puzzle easier. Click here for a list of them and explanations.

Each time you complete a puzzle, you “catch” a new Pokemon to help you in your quest.

Any tips?

The biggest advice I can give you is when you’re feeling flustered, just put it away for a while and come back to it. The spot you were stuck will suddenly seem oh so clear to you!

I also like to do puzzles twice: once to get a feel for it, and a second time to actually complete the missions all at once. Sometimes I’m able to do it all in one go, but when you assume you’re going to do it twice, it takes a lot of pressure off the first time you’re encountering a new puzzle!

And don’t forget about those daily challenges to build up your Picrites stash!

Now go forth and catch some Pokemon!

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