Bravely Second Demo: The Ballad of the Three Cavaliers

It’s now been two years since Bravely Default first came out (it doesn’t feel that long does it!?). Finally, the moment we’ve all (or at least I have been) waiting for. Bravely Second is coming out April 15th. If it doesn’t come out for another month, why am I telling you about this now? Why don’t I wait till a month from now?


Nintendo felt like being nice to us and releasing a demo for Bravely fans to download to keep themselves occupied while waiting for Bravely Second to be officially released!


The demo is a complete side story that gives you a taste of some of the enemies and jobs you’ll encounter in the main game! Completing the demo before playing the main game also gives you bonuses that you’ll be able to take with you when you start Bravely Second.

It took me about roughly 5 hours total to complete so not crazy long, but enough to keep me occupied.

Haven’t played Bravely Default? Check out my previous review of it! You can also get it from the library today!

Keep Calm and Brave On!

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