Google Poetics

moar pomes
National Poetry Month continues!!

Last week, we featured a traditional, highly respected, poetic art form: haiku. This week, it’s time for something completely different. Introducing… GOOGLE POETICS!

Are the poetry juices just not flowing? Let Google write a poem for you!google-word-cloudStep 1. Go to Google.
Step 2. Start typing in a search topic or question.
Step 3. Stop typing once Google’s Autocomplete function kicks in. Write down the sentences that Google suggests (or just take a screen cap).
Ta-da! You have a poem!

google poetic

I guess I’ll call this one “I’ll Go”

Or you can take it a step further. Start the poem as before and begin entering a line of text into the search box. When Autocomplete kicks in, pick ONE of the suggestions. This is the first line of your poem. Now take the last word of the line you just wrote. Plug that into the search box. Select a line from the new list. This is the second line of your poem. Continue until your poem feels complete.

Bunnies are evil.
Are evil and sin the same –
The same in Spanish?
In Spanish, how do you say…
You say you want a revolution.
A revolution sabotaged before it began.
It began in Afrika.
In Afrika helfen.
By Tara F. Cobb

And that’s it!  Sometimes, they sound ridiculous. Sometimes, they’re mind-blowing. Keep trying ‘til you find one you love!

lather rinse repeat

Enter to Win

Entries can be left in the comments below, emailed to or dropped off at the Vortex desk.

All entries must be received by 2pm on Friday, April 15. Winner will be drawn on Friday, April 15.

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