Kingdom Hearts Unchained X: Now on Mobile Device Near You!

It’s the moment you’ve all (or maybe that’s just me) been waiting for !

Kingdom Hearts Chi has finally been released in the West! Instead of being a browser game like it was in Japan, it has been released as Kingdom Hearts Unchained X for mobile devices: Android and iOS.

It’s super easy to follow, and the animation style is completely adorable. ❤ It’s also the perfect time for newcomers to the Kingdom Hearts fandom to dive in because it takes place before the first Kingdom Hearts game! No previous KH knowledge required for you to enjoy it!

The game also allows you to create a party with your friends so you can keep track of each other’s progress and help each other out by sharing special attacks.


Here’s my character! When creating a party, when it asks for “User ID” to search for someone, the user ID will be a number in the right hand corner (that I blanked out, in yours there will be actually be a number!) of the screenshot! It took me a while to figure this out! So feel free to learn from my previous frustration!

There’s also this awesome blog with lots of FAQs that may answer any questions you have about gameplay.

And two things to remember!

1) You can check out the other Kingdom Hearts games here at the library for those interested in playing.

And 2) Unchained X is free! All you need is an Android or iOS device and you’re good to go! Download it and join me today!

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