Nooks with Teen Books are Available for Checkout!

Is the book you were dying to read currently checked out? Is one of your parents in the library with you?

With their permission, you can get check out one of our Teen Nooks for 3 weeks!

Why a Nook instead of putting the physical copy on hold?

Well, for one, it satisfies your desire for instant gratification! You can have it now!

Why else? Because it has over 400 different books on it!

Fast reader? No more multiple trips to the library within the same week! You can read as many as you want within the checkout period!

Now that I’ve gotten your interest, how do you check one out?

They can be checked out in the Vortex and per our website, “a library card is required to check out a Teen Nook and additional paperwork is required. Teens (under age 18) will need a parent and/or guardian with them to complete the process.”

Drag your parent to the Vortex and get one today! Search here to see if one is available!

(P.S: There’s also ones on the 3rd floor for adults too!)

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