A Day of Free Comic Books!

What’s better than checking out graphic novels from your library for FREE? How about FREE Comics you can KEEP? Thus is the joy of Free Comic Book Day (FCBD)! And it is once again upon us! Rejoice!

You see, kids, the Comic Book Gnome (and his crew of over-caffeinated, Vitamin D deficient layout artists) spends all year lovingly writing, drawing, and inking tens of thousands of comic books. And, on the first Saturday in May, the Comic Book Gnome hooks up his rusty panel van to the Free Comic Book Day donkeys and heads out to deliver all those comic books to good little boys and girls.

Okay, okay. So, I made that up. Comic book artists and publishers create and donate about 50 different titles of popular and lesser-known comics that participating comic shops order and distribute to customers. For free. All on the same day. All over the country.

It’s a magical time of year!

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s all great. But where can *I* get free comics??” I hear you say. Have no fear! I got you.

Nearby Participating Comic Shops for FCBD 2016:fcbd

1001 W 75Th St
Unit 163
Woodridge, IL, 60517

1271 Rickert Drive
# 135
Naperville, IL, 60540
(630) 355-4310

1128 S. State Street
Lockport, IL, 60441
(815) 834-1658

336 South Route 59
Naperville, IL, 60540
(630) 548-1231

16030 South Lincoln Hwy #4
Plainfield, IL, 60586
(815) 254-3410

Pro Tips:

  1. Photo courtesy of inews880.com

    My friends and I usually plot out a route of 5 to 10 stores since most stores limit the number of comics an individual can take. So, it does help to travel in a herd. That way everybody can take a few and, between all of you, hopefully you can collect them all.

  2. It’s not a bad idea to call ahead to make sure the shop is indeed participating and open.
  3. Bring a camera! And cash. FCBD is like Halloween, Christmas, AND New Year’s Eve all rolled into one for comic geeks. So a lot of stores will have raffles, sales, giveaways, events, games, vendors, cosplay, and a whole lot of everything.
  4. Dress up or cosplay as your favorite character! It makes the day that much more fun. And you get your picture taken a lot.
  5. Say “thank you” to your comic shop staff. They probably spent months planning this event and it’s one of the busiest days of their year. They are frazzled and their feet are killing them but letting them know how much you appreciate their hard work will help.

For more information, visit the Free Comic Book Day website.


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