Con Season is (almost) Now!

Holy Hera Guiz! As of posting this, Anime Central is in 8 days! Is your cosplay ready? Are you prepared? Am I prepared?

(oh gosh I hope so but I don’t think I’ll ever be ready)

For those who aren’t, that’s ok! Cosplaying at a con is not, I repeat, NOT mandatory! It’s just fun to do and a super easy way to share with others what fandom/characters you love.

I’d like to take this time to share with you some legit sources that I use for my cosplay needs!

These are all sources I’ve personally used and have had zero issues with (Your experience may vary, though hopefully not!).

***Quick Note: Teens, before ordering online, always make sure to talk to your parents or guardian first!


Order from here when you’re have plenty of time before the con (as in months)

Fast Shipping, based in the US!



Wig was from Arda (Jaguar style) and the contacts were from Honeycolor! (Super Pinky Bright Red)

Color Contacts

From Honey color, I’ve only used their Super Pinky line (Violet and Bright Red) as well as their Flora Brenda Green.


Not sure which makeups will be best for your cosplay, but I have used their Ben Nye creme makeup as well as final seal with great results for a Homestuck cosplay! Just remember to seal your makeup! Here’s a tutorial that I used. (I recommend against mixing the makeups together. Tried it, it worked but HOLY HERA IT WAS A PAIN, just buy Cadaver Grey instead. It’ll give you about the same color you need. Your future self will thank me).


Never doubt the power of what you can find at the thrift store to reuse! Use their site to find a location near you! 😀

Happy Cosplaying! And remember, in the end, it’s all about having fun!!



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