Anime Recommendation: GATE

GATEAge Recommendation: 15+

Genre: Action / Fantasy

# of Episodes: 24


On August 20XX, a gate suddenly appears in Tokyo’s Ginza district, unleashing a portal where monsters, medieval knights and other fantasy beings come from another world and wreak havoc on Tokyo. The Japanese Defense Force take action against these monsters and push them back into the “Gate”. The Third Reconnaissance Team is dispatched to the “Special Region” lead by officer (and otaku) Youji Itami.


GATE became a fast favorite for me the moment I saw it! The characters are interesting and grow as the show goes on. It’s also refreshing that the characters are of an older age (ranging from their 20/30s to around 1000!) which allows the plot to step outside of the drama of high school (though I do love those as well, Ouran Highschool Host Club anyone?)!

It is action-packed with plenty of humor to keep you watching and wanting more. I really hope a third season eventually gets released!

Watch for free at!

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