Reflections on Harry Potter Mania

For one magical day, the Potterverse took over the Vortex.  The day started off with a trip to the dungeons for a Potions lesson with Professor Snape’s assistant, Kathy.  Our new witches and wizards used ingredients like dragon scales, black lake water, powdered mandrake root, and the ever-popular troll bogeys to create several different serums and putties.



The dauntless youths then apparated to the Great Hall to be sorted into Houses.  The Sorting Hat told them which House table to find so that they could partake in a fantastical repast full of edible cauldrons, golden snitches, every flavor beans, and more!




Fountaindale’s resident digital wizards taught the new Hogwarts students how to apparate all over the world by using the extremely useful Green Screen Incantation.

Harry Potter

IMG_0491 copy


Many of the magicians used McGonagall’s transfiguration teachings to change little hunks of plastic into all many of things, limited only by the imagination! Others chose to spend their time boggling through illusion to find words and cross words.




The teens answered trivia questions and they must have been using their Divination lessons.  There’s no way they could have just known all those answers!    We also played Harry Potter Bingo.  Four lucky witches and wizards were able to holler “Mischief Managed!” and win books (everyone’s favorite magical accessory).



What a truly marvelous day!




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