A few months back, Ashe reviewed an app called Neko Atsume, a game in which you collect cats and then feed them and buy them toys and pamper them like royalty.  It’s actually a lot like having cats irl, to be honest.

There’s another cat game out there called Klepto-Cats and it is, imho, even better!  You still collect cats, but in this game there are 100 different cats to collect.  You don’t have any choice in the food that you give them, Klepto-cats also lets you pet your pixelated pals.  (D’awwww!)


Instead of buying toys for your cats, you send them out to steal things for you.  My klepto-cats have brought me a bedspread, various plushies, pizza, underwear, a phonograph player, wall art, and dozens of other crazy things.  And, the best part is you can dress your cats up!  My favorite cat whom I named Punkzilla has rainbow hair and a purple tentacle for a tail.

Look it up in your favorite app store and have fun!

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