Vortex Open House

Aigh!  School starts back up in two days!  Are you ready?  Did you finish your summer reading packet?  Do you know where your classes will be?  Do you have all your pens and protractors in the backpack and ready to go?  Did you go on all the amazing summer adventures and road trips that you’d planned on?

Most importantly, do you know where the Vortex is?

Whether you’re a brand-new sixth grader or a high-schooler that’s been hanging out in the Vortex for years, you might not be aware of all the phenomenal services and programs the Vortex has to offer.

So…. we’re offering a series of Open Houses.  Come in to the Vortex on Monday, August 22; Thursday, August 25; Monday, August 29; OR Thursday, September 1 to get an idea of what the Vortex is all about!  Each Open House runs from 2:00-8:00 p.m.  You may bring your parents/guardians along if you wish.

2016 JUNE_AUG Vortex Open Houses


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