Love Card Games? Try Hearthstone!

Do you love card games but wish there was a way to take them with you anywhere without worrying about losing them down a sewer drain when they fall out of your backpack as you walk home from school? (Hey, it could happen. If you didn’t worry about it before, I’m sure you are now.)

Do you love magic and knights and assassins? Then try out Blizzard’s online card game Hearthstone!


Hearthstone is free to play and super fun and easy to pick up! All you need is a account if you don’t already have one it’s super easy to make! (How do you know if you already have one? if you play World of Warcraft, Overwatch, or Heroes of the Storm or any other Blizzard game then just use that login!) It’s also available to play on computers, tablets, and phones!

“But I don’t want to play against people online when I’m learning!” You may think.

I was the same way! But thankfully Hearthstone doesn’t make you do that. They have 5 tutorial sessions before you can even dive into practice mode. All of these are versus the computer! It gives you plenty of confidence for when you’re eventually ready to play against real people. You may be surprised at your ability! I know I was!

Try this great site if you need more help building a deck once you’ve accumulated more cards in your inventory!

Try out Hearthstone today!

Also, if you need even more Blizzard products in your life, feel free to see what the library has in stock!

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