Book Recommendation: Demigods & Magicians

demigods__magiciansGenre: Fantasy / Action Adventure

First Released: 2016

Part of a Series?: Yes
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
The Heroes of Olympus
The Kane Chronicles


“Magic, monsters, and mayhem abound when Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase meet Carter and Sadie Kane for the first time in this short story collection”

Where can I find it in the library?

This will be on the second floor of the library in the Vortex. Additional copies can also be found in the Children’s Department.

Call Number


After finally getting the chance to finish The Kane Chronicles, I fell into a deep despair, desperately missing the characters I went on adventures with. I began to imagine what would happen if Percy Jackson and the other demigods came across the Kanes. To my delight, Rick Riordan had done the same! He’s written a series of 3 short stories where the Kanes and the Demigods team up and work together to fight another threat! I have yet have the chance to finish the last story, so don’t spoil it for me!

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