Thanksgiving Favorites

Since this Thursday is Thanksgiving, it’s the perfect time to talk about everyone’s favorite topic. FOOD!

Everyone has their fave Thanksgiving dish whether it be cranberry sauce, stuffing, or sweet potatoes! Or all of the above! Nom! (Oh no, now I’m making myself hungry…)

What’s my favorite dish? That’s easy! My aunt’s cheesy hash browns! They are to DIE for. One of these days I need to get that recipe from her, but until then, I found something similar on Allrecipes! (It’d be hilarious if that’s where she got it from)  As I plan on making it myself this year, I’ll try to make an update after the holidays to let you guys know how it turned out!


Look at it in all its delicious glory.

And before I go, fun Thanksgiving fact! Everyone thinks it’s the turkey that makes you fall asleep after dinner. Actually, it’s not true at all! It’s just all the food you ate in excess! Now you can enjoy your food coma with SCIENCE.

Gobble gobble! Happy eating everyone!

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