Fantasy/SF Films for a Frosty Day

It finally happened. We finally had our first snow. It might already be December 12, but it just didn’t *feel* like winter until I saw those snowflakes (and had to scrape them off the windshield).  

Winter means many things to many people. To me, it means movie marathons with hot cocoa. So, if I had 2 weeks away from school, this is how I would spend them.  

Day 1 – Firefly: The Complete Series & Serenity

In a perfect world, you’d all already be well-versed in Joss Whedon’s Buffy and Angel series as well as the amazing Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog, but if you’re not familiar with the Whedon-verse this is a good place to start. Firefly was cancelled after one season (Curse you, FOX!) so you can easily watch the whole series in one day if you don’t waste time on silly things like eating, sleeping, or going to the bathroom. Make sure you also watch the feature film, Serenity, to tie up all the loose threads.  

Day 2 – Star Trek: The Good Ones

Don’t bother with the odd-numbered movies unless you really enjoy campy, cheesy, poorly-written movies. Star Trek 1 is so bad, I’m truly surprised Star Trek 2 was ever allowed to happen. But I’m glad it did, because the even-numbered films are fabulous. Watch ST2: The Wrath of Khan, ST4: The Voyage Home, and ST6: The Undiscovered Country. And, if you’re feeling extra ambitious, the later films with the Next Generation cast as well as the more recent reboots are also well worth watching!

Day 3 – Indiana Jones Trilogy

The original three. Not the fourth one. Never. Watch. The. Fourth. One.

Day 4 – 1980s Animated Fantasy

The Secret of NIMH, The Last Unicorn, The Hobbit, and Fern Gully.  What could be better than a day filled with dragons, unicorns, fairies, and rats smarter than you are?  And they all have music!

Day 5 – 1980s Fantasy a la Disney and Muppets

Black Cauldron, The Sword in the Stone, Labyrinth, and The Dark Crystal.

The Sword in the Stone and Black Cauldron are my absolute favorite Disney movies and no one has ever heard of them. No one. Like, ever. So do yourself a favor and watch them. Also watch Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal both featuring Jim Henson’s amazing creations.  

Day 6 – 1980’s Live Action Fantasy

Willow, Legend, Time Bandits, The Princess Bride, and The Neverending Story.

Magic and Mystery! Wizards and Warriors! Darkness and Time Travel! True Love! Miracles! If you consider yourself a fantasy and/or science fiction fan, you need to know these movies!

I have more movies that I could add to the list.  But, on the off-chance that you want to do anything other than watch movies over your winter break, I’ll stop here.  

Happy Watching!



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