Favorite Musician: Miyavi

Out of all the artists I listen to, I love Miyavi the best!


He’s a Japanese rock musician and I’ve been listening to him for nearly a decade now. Some of you, if you’ve seen the movie, Unbroken, may already recognize him. He played the part of Watanabe.

I’ve been able to see him in concert once at the House of Blues in Chicago and it was a night I’ll never forget. It was the most hysterical concert I’ve ever been to. In between songs he entertained us with jokes and told us stories of his journey across the U.S.

He was also amazingly sweet. When someone fell, he stopped playing and made people move back and asked if the person was okay before he continued playing!

I can’t wait until he comes back to see him again!

When he was younger, I adored his androgynous looks but, once he became a father (he has two precious daughters), he’s toned down his fashion style but his music is still as amazing as ever. He even has an album in English – his latest album, Firebird.


Though I will forever mourn his rainbow hair.

Below are some of my favorite songs by him. (They are a lot of his older songs, but amazing nonetheless):


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