2017 Must-See Films

movie-reel-with-popcorn_fjhqen8u_lThere are a ton of great book-to-film adaptations coming up this year and I am SO excited about a few of them in particular! Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver is a great surreal realistic fiction story that I think will really lend itself well to film. The Zookeeper’s Wife is for history buffs and trauma/drama llamas alike. Bring tissues. I’ve been waiting for Let it Snow since last January; it keeps getting delayed. Hopefully those delays are over. An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir is the first book of an epic dystopian fantasy series. I can’t wait to see how the film handles some of the imagery! And last, but certainly not least, John Green sold the film rights to his debut novel more than ten years ago. Although the author is not involved with the script or production of Looking for Alaska, I have high hopes for the adaptation of this quirky, character-driven drama.

before-i-fallBefore I Fall
By Lauren Oliver
Place a hold.
Release Date: March 2017
After she dies in a car crash, teenage Samantha relives the day of her death over and over again until, on the seventh day, she finally discovers a way to save herself.



The Zookeeper’s Wife
By Diane Ackerman
Place a hold.
Release Date: March 2017
The true story of how the keepers of the Warsaw Zoo saved hundreds of people from Nazi hands. When Germany invaded Poland, Stuka bombers devastated Warsaw–and the city’s zoo along with it. With most of their animals dead, zookeepers Jan and Antonina Żabiński began smuggling Jews into empty cages.

let-it-snowLet it Snow
By John Green,
Maureen Johnson,
and Lauren Myacle
Place a hold.
Release Date: November 2017
In three intertwining short stories, several high school couples experience the trials and tribulations along with the joys of romance during a Christmas Eve snowstorm in a small town.

An ember-in-ashesEmber in the Ashes
By Sabaa Tahir
Place a hold.
Release Date: “in development”
Laia is a Scholar living under the iron-fisted rule of the Martial Empire. When her brother is arrested for treason, Laia goes undercover as a slave at the empire’s greatest military academy in exchange for assistance from rebel Scholars who claim that they will help to save her brother from execution.

Looking for Alaska

By John Green
Place a hold.
Release Date: “in development”
Sixteen-year-old Miles’ first year at Culver Creek Preparatory School in Alabama includes good friends and great pranks, but is defined by the search for answers about life and death after a fatal car crash.

*Release dates are according to imdb.com and are subject to change.
**Summaries of novels are courtesy of the Pinnacle online catalog.

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