Kingdom Hearts 2.8: First Impressions

kingdom-hearts-2-8Kingdom Hearts 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue

Platform: Playstation 4

Rating: T

Genre: Japanese Role-Playing Game

First Released: January 24, 2017

Part of a Series? YES. I could write a whole blog post around the chronology of Kingdom Hearts. To make it short, play Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 beforehand (for the PS3, or later this year they’ll be out for the PS4) and you’ll be good to go!

Brief Synopsis:

Kingdom Hearts 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue combines Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Fragmentary Passage (completely new; playable), Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover (completely new; a movie), and a complete port to the PS4 from the 3DS of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (playable). This compilation is meant to prepare players for Kingdom Hearts III as Dream Drop Distance and Fragmentary Passage lead directly into it. Are you ready? I know I am!


So far I’ve had a chance to play an hour of Fragmentary Passage and it. Is. Gorgeous. It was made using the same game engine (Unreal Engine) that Kingdom Hearts III will be using so Fragmentary Passage is just a taste of what to expect!

It’s great to finally be able to continue Aqua’s story from where she left off in Birth By Sleep. The game starts after the hidden chapter that can be played in Birth By Sleep. Unlike most games, you’re not beginning at level 1, you’re at level 50! No grinding necessary! This also includes essential spells like Curaga and Blizzaga! Woo!

For those who have yet to play Dream Drop Distance, play DDD first. Otherwise the beginning of Fragment will make less sense! I can’t wait to play more!

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